Air Tight ATM-1S

AUD $16,000.00

Stereo Power Amplifier (EL34)

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The legendary AirTight ATM-1S is a culmination of many generations of ATM-1 stereo amplifiers and released to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. AirTight have developed a philosophy that it is not difficult to choose a set of valves and build an amplifier however to build a great amplifier takes time. Time to really understand the nature of that valve, time to experiment, adjust, listen, hone, evolve and refine the design so that it is a pure expression of that valve’s best capabilities.

This philosophy informs as to what to expect from the ATM-1S. This is not just a stereo amplifier of the highest quality. It is also the company’s statement of the ultimate evolution of this type of amplifier partnering with these valves. The designer’s own words also reveal this ingenious approach…. “The ATM-1S is our ultimate circuit configuration reflecting a comprehensive survey of 20-year accumulated studies on the EL34 (6CA7) valves.”

Compare this design philosophy and hand-made ‘coachbuilding’ attention to detail to your typical mass-produced amplifier available at most hi-fi shops. It is so rare to have this traditional approach applied to anything today, let alone a power amplifier at this level of cost. The ATM-1S is a beautiful, bespoke amplifier that combines heritage, brand credibility, audiophile performance with a touch of nostalgia. It has an uncanny ability to produce music with a natural tone, an inner glow that infuses every note, every lyric and passage. When you’re no longer interested in the intellectual critique, when all you want to do is listen to music and simply enjoy…the ATM-1S is for you.


  • Orthodox circuitry composed of a Mullard phase inverter with NFb under UL connection reproduces the sublime treble with second-to-none musicality inherent in the acclaimed EL34 valve.
  • Hefty headroom in output capability achieved by a newly developed transformer boasting of 60W handling capacity ensures stable operation for long term use.
  • Bias adjustment facilities (meter, switch & pots) provided for easy service-accessibility.
  • Retained unchanged are those outstanding features such as point-to-point wiring without PCB, OFC wiring, etc
  • CD-direct input
  • Copper-plated chassis


Product Specifications

Type Stereo Power Amplifier
Design Push Pull
Valves Employed 6CA7 × 4, 12AU7 × 2, 12AX7 × 1
Rated Output 36W + 36W (8 ohms)
Input Sensitivity 1V
Input Impedance 100 kOhms
Load Impedance 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω
Interchangeable by inner wiring
Set at 8Ω load when shipped from the factory
Features Input selector (2-ch), bias adjuster
Dimensions 368mm(W) × 293mm(D) × 231mm(H)
Weight 22kg

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