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Statement Control Preamplifier

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For many music enthusiasts, the new generation of Aavik integrated amplifiers provides more than enough performance. However, for those looking to raise the bar to another level and perhaps those looking for the ultimate configuration & customisation options provided by Aavik’s analog crossover, choosing separate control (pre) and power amplifiers leads to a greater level of sonic bliss.

Aavik’s new flagship C-580 Control (Preamplifier) sets new standards for all the critical criteria that define the unadulterated sound quality of authentic music and evoke that unique sensation of emotional ease and deeply felt passion. The C-580 is equipped with sophisticated noise suppressing technologies that brings down the noise floor to unprecedented levels and unleashes a dynamic scale of music that projects even the tiniest musical details onto a palpably larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.

What differenciates the premium C-580 over the C-280 is the additional noise reduction control and the installation of switchless, optical LDR-based components. They generate a dramatically lower noise floor than conventionally used switches and relays. This allows to audibly express even the tiniest musical details onto an amazingly holistic sound stage.

What also elevates the Aavik 580 standalone series to a higher performance level is its inner chassis, which is made of solid copper. The effect of this is a further reduction in the hysteresis, which secures more energy and power to the music.

The new Aavik analog crossover delivers precise timing to all the receiving components. This is extremely important to avoid an unnaturally harsh and compressed sound. The new Aavik crossover has been designed to either very precisely control a subwoofer or with the integrated low pass and high pass filter to control a 2.1 home theater system. Alternatively, Aavik’s new analog crossover can also function as analog room correction control.

The C-580 has to be heard to be believed. Contained within a compact, elegant case is one of the most astonishingly transparent & holographic preamplifiers ever made. If you have a desire to be emotionally transported by your music system, to relax and allow your mind to believe in the event, to experience it in a visceral, palpable way… the Aavik C-580 is your enabler.

Aavik C580 & P580

Using Technology to Create Better Sound

The Aavik separate preamplifier and power amplifier range contains the following unique technologies:

Aavik preamplifier & power amplifier table

Switchless Optical gain selection – LDR based

The LDR (Light dependent resistor) is ultra quiet thanks to the switchless principle. The traditional MOS-FET switch arrays and relays create much more noise. They suppress subtle sound details and unnaturally color the tone.

Resonant mode power supply – Quiet but extremely powerful

The power supply allows a much better power distribution and a huge dynamic headroom. Unlike the square waves used by conventional switch mode power supplies, the Aavik resonant mode power supplies boast a design which is principally driven by sine waves. When more power is needed, the operating frequency increases, which in turn has the advantage that the power density also increases. This provides a higher peak power when required by the music.


Aavik’s New Analog Crossover

The Aavik analog crossover secures a precise timing in the delivery of sound signals to the receiving components. This is essential to avoid a harsh and compressed sound. The new Aavik crossover has been designed to either very precisely control a subwoofer or with the integrated low pass and high pass filter to control a 2.1 home theater system. Alternatively, Aavik’s new analog crossover can function as analog room correction control.

Excellent and absolutely precise subwoofer control

Since the crossover is analog, there is no latency. The timing of the signal transfer to both the speakers and the subwoofer is absolutely precise. This results in an utmost pristine and authentic sound. Other conventional crossovers, such as DSP transport the signal through a digital circuit. This results in a latency of 15-20 msec. The effect of a failing precision in the timing of the signal transfer to the speakers, respectively the subwoofer, impairs an authentic audio reproduction, creates a compressed sound and adds a harsh tone to the music.

Control your home theater and your 2.1 audio setup

By using the low pass and high pass filter, the sound performance of your individual speakers can be optimized. When directing the low frequencies to the subwoofer, more energy to the main speakers will be released. To ensure an even volume of the speakers and the subwoofer, the gain on the high pass and the low pass filter can separately be controlled.

Analog Room Correction – prevent “Room Boom”, the annoying pressure resonance

Room correction is a matter of identifying and eliminating room resonance. The one specific resonance that creates an unpleasant and disturbing sound is a pressure resonance resulting from the given size of the room – subjectively, it feels like a “boom” emanating from the speakers. To eliminate this room specific resonance, the new Aavik amplifiers can adapt their audio performance and make allowances for any given room size. Both the low pass and high pass filter allow the listener to set the exact frequency progress around those low frequencies which cause this disturbing ‘Boom’ effect.


Scandinavian Design Aesthetic

The Aavik design language is Scandinavian understatement and expresses simplicity and minimalism featuring only a few buttons for logical operation. The multifunctional main knob allows simple navigation and control of the various functions. A distinguishing design feature of the new Aavik series is a huge red display, which makes it easy to read all details of the selected operational settings.

A Cabinet with Excellent Sonic Qualities

Aavik have designed the enclosure to minimise the use of aluminium and its associated mechanical resonance. Over the years, Aavik have been testing various materials and ultimately designed an innovative natural-based composite material, which reduces the mechanical influence, particularly the hysteresis. The sonic result is distinctly audible and reflects a further prominent cornerstone in Aavik’s quest for the ultimate music experience.



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HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021

Product Specification

Type Control Amplifier (Preamplifier)
Line Gain (line 1-4): 5-15dB; maximum input 5V RMS
Gain (line 5): 1-11dB; maximum input 8V RMS
Input impedance 10K Ohm
Pre-amp Output 1 pair of RCA output
Max output: 8.5V RMS
Distortion, line stage: <0.005% (THD at 1kHz, 1V input)
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Volume Control 76 1dB steps
Aavik Noise Reduction Active Tesla Coils: 108
Active Square Tesla Coils: 228
Dither circuitry: 10
Power consumption Standby <1W
Operating <12W
Dimensions 102 x 384 x 400mm
Weight 8.1kg / with crossover 8.2kg
Active crossover (optional module) Crossover Frequency: 60-160Hz
High Pass Slope: 12dB/octave
Low Pass Slope: 24dB/octave