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Perpetuum EbnerThe town of St.Georgen, in the Black Forest region of Germany is said to be the home of thinkers and inventors. It is also the home of WE Audio Systems , creators of turntables that blend timeless design with sophisticated technology honed over a century. Yes, you read correctly… a century! Although a young company, WE Audio Systems produces the brand Perpetuum Ebner (PE) which was founded in 1911 and is one of the oldest existing audio brands in the world. Proudly employing craftsmen who have spent a lifetime working for PE & another famous German brand ‘Dual’, PE turntables are steeped in heritage. Listen to what experienced hands can create.

Perpetuum Ebner - PE4040 Turntable


  • PE 1000

    Classic Belt-Drive Turntable with Carbon Tonearm

  • PE 1010 MkII

    Suspended Belt-Drive Turntable with Carbon Tonearm

  • PE 2525 MkII

    Suspended Belt-Drive Turntable with TP92 Tonearm

  • PE 4040 MkII

    Suspended Belt-Drive Turntable with TP92 Tonearm


Elegant Simplicity

All of the models come packaged with a tonearm and a cartridge. They are literally ‘plug and play’, no need to tinker and find matching bits and pieces, they are perfectly sorted. The prices listed here are for the complete packages however they can also be ordered without a cartridge at a lower cost, leaving the user to choose their own cartridge. In fact, these turntables are so well designed, that they can support significant cartridge upgrades. The range starts with the new PE800, which takes the PE design principles shared in all the range and brings them to a cost effective, lighter weight model. The PE 1000 incorporates a heavier Polyoxymethylene platter and an upgraded tonearm. The PE1010 Mk II introduces an upgraded synchronous motor, an aluminium platter and drive system, an upgraded carbon tonearm and an upgraded cartridge. The PE 2525 Mk II introduces an upgraded carbon tonearm and an upgraded cartridge. The PE 4040 Mk II has a heavier 3.5kg aluminium platter, upgraded power supply & cartridge and is best turntable ever developed under the PE brand. These improvements result in a discernable performance improvement as you move up the range.

PE are a great example of a company that follows that age old principle of industrial design ‘form follows function’. The innovative ‘Integrated Floating Board’ (IFB), specifically designed for effective resonance absorption and the new top-of-the-line tonearms are the most obvious features of the new classic PE analogue high-end players. The PE 4040, PE 2525 and the PE 1010 all incorporate this feature.

PE 4040 TonearmPE 4040 Speed Selector

Impeccable Heritage

PE is back! Thanks to the vision of Wolfgang Epting, WE Audio Systems is now producing the renowned Perpetuum Ebner (PE) record players again. But this is not just a nice story of the re-birth of a brand. Music lovers and audiophiles around the world are rejoicing because this a new incarnation of legendary names. PE and DUAL were literally the biggest names in turntable manufacturing in Europe for decades. PE’s return gives a new generation of music lovers an opportunity to experience the enjoyable sound that PE is famous for. A real celebration!


  • 1911 PERPETUUM founded by Josef Steidinger (Born in 1867, died in 1925).
  • 1912 Construction of the first factory.
  • 1936 The companies ALBERT EBNER & CO. and PERPETUUM merge and operate under the name PERPETUUM EBNER.
  • 1949 The plate changer PE 10 is introduced.
  • 1951 The PE REX is introduced and sells more than a million units within 6 years.
  • 1956 Albert Ebner passes away.
  • 1957 PE becomes the largest Turntable and Plate Changer Manufacturer in Europe with more than 1,500 employees.
  • 1961 PE introduces the legendary models PE 33 Studio, PE 66 and the PE 34 HiFi and celebrates its 50th anniversary.
  • 1963 PE forms a subsidiary in Spain ‘Perpetuum Ebner Espanola S.A.’.
  • 1967 PE releases the legendary PE 2020 turntable.
  • 1971 PE merges with the company DUAL in St.Georgen.
  • 1973 The brand Perpetuum Ebner closes and is no longer represented in the market.
  • 2015 Wolfgang Epting reactivates the brand PE under the name WE Audio Systems. Former engineers from Dual join the company. The PE 1010 and the PE 4040 are launched.
  • 2016 The PE 2525 and the PE 1000 models are launched.

Josef Steidinger

Josef Steidinger

Albert Ebner

Albert Ebner

PE Rex

PE Rex Turntables

Factory Building

Factory in 1912


Factory in 1961

PE 2020

PE 2020 Turntable
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