Nick Haywood Trio ‎– Many Rivers

Nick Haywood Trio ‎– Many Rivers

Nick Haywood Trio ‎– Many Rivers

Label: Jazzhead ‎– HEAD232
Format: CD, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 13 Oct 2017
Genre: Jazz


I was thinking about what music I like today and what I listened to in the past. I was utterly besotted with American Jazz, sometimes European Jazz but I never thought much about Australian Jazz.

I was a keen attendee of live Jazz around Melbourne which mainly consisted of vocalists but my main love of Jazz is instrumental, so I started to seek out those types of gigs. After most live shows I would always ask the musicians about what music they had on disc so I could buy their music.

Somewhere along the line I got a gig on a radio show at 3MBS FM. I then wanted as much music as I could get, my usual request was “Can I buy everything you have?” My next request would be to have them come on my show to perform and a chat about what they were up to. Thanks to all who have!

All I can say is that I was living under a rock and not appreciating the amazing musicians and their music so I’ve decided to post lots of Oz Jazz recommendations… this space.

Nick Haywood Trio consist of Nick on double bass, pianist Colin Hopkins and drummer Niko Schauble. They explore a range of tunes from the original repertoire by Nick Haywood (Slow Tune, A Rag for Al, Nellie’s Tune), Colin Hopkins (Song of the Survivor) and collective improvisations by the trio (Wiggy Blues, The Fox Hat). Also a broad range of pieces from Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide, Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross, the Moody Blues’ Nights in White Satin and the traditional Scottish tune Farewell Dearest Nancy.

The great thing about this recording is the way that the trio members all connect with each other, taking the listener on an aural journey with them while they explore the music, sounding spontaneous and fresh. Each musician is amazing in their own right.

I must add that this recording was done at Niko Schauble’s Pughouse Studios right here in Melbourne. The instruments are captured beautifully with musical and aural highlights everywhere. I especially like the drums.

Jazzhead Records Bandcamp – Many Rivers

Track listing

1 A Rag For Al 7:47
2 Fox Hat 7:23
3 Landslide 6:31
4 Nellie’s Tune 7:43
5 Farewell Dearest Nancy 4:03
6 Many Rivers To Cross 4:03
7 Song Of The Survivor 5:35
8 Wiggy Blues 5:24
9 Nights In White Satin 6:29
10 Slow Tune 7:28


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