Moonriver AudioAt Nirvana Sound, our mission has always been to offer our clients brands and equipment that reproduces a recording accurately and realistically, allowing the greatest emotional connection and enjoyment of the musical artform. Unfortunately, the standard of design, engineering and component quality required to fulfil that brief is so high, that the equipment invariably comes with a high cost, which is naturally prohibitive for many music lovers. Especially difficult is the mission of finding truly exceptional sonics for more affordable pricing levels and we have struggled over the years with this mission because to be frank, lower cost almost always means compromise and lower sound quality.

Almost always. Finally we have found a brand who’s value proposition is beyond belief – a brand that we would (and do) use in our personal systems. Mission accomplished!

Swedish amplifier manufacturer Moonriver Audio may not be a household name like many other brands with huge marketing budgets that you hear about every five minutes. However, listen to a Moonriver amplifier and within seconds you know that there is something extraordinary going on here. This equipment stands heads and shoulders above any other brand at their price range.

Designed with passion and a great ear for music, these gorgeous amplifiers combine vintage and contemporary elements in audio reproduction. Employing hybrid designs that fuse both well-known and new technologies the aesthetic is classic, timeless and user-oriented. The sound has an organic texture with exceptional spatial dimension, unrestrained dynamics while preserving the natural tonality of the performance. Highly enjoyable musical saturation. Lose yourself!

Moonriver Audio Amplifier


Stereophile Class A Recommended Components List

How many products do you know that are under $8,000 and are listed on Stereophile’s prestigious Class A Recommended Components List?

In 2021, Moonriver Audio’s 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier was tested by Stereophile USA and subsequently added to this list.

“The music sounded airier and more colourful and seemed to emerge from a quieter background” than what he’d recently heard through the two more expensive integrated amplifiers. “Plenty of bass showed that the low-powered Moonriver 404 Reference has what it takes to drive the challenging Wilson Alexia 2’s,” he added. Summing up, JVS wrote that the Moonriver 404 Reference “does justice to complex and demanding recordings. It sounds tonally spot on, well balanced, clear, and musical.”

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