LarsenLarsen speakers are designed to stand against the wall. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area; virtually eliminating the wall behind the speakers and eliminating early sound reflections from interfering with the direct sound from the speaker. Making the speaker work with the room, not against it, like almost all conventional speakers. Most people with a narrow, small, odd-sized room or a room with bad acoustics, usually achieve better sound in their room with a Larsen speaker.

Larsen speakers have been described as neutral, natural and alive with an amazing ability to recreate the 3D sound stage. They have a vivid and visceral tonal quality which is enjoyed by people who are familiar with concert halls or live events. The listening experience is extremely natural and has a sense of ease and effortlessness. Feel the excitement of the musicians, as you experience the thrill of the music in your own living room. It’s the next best thing to hearing it live.

Larsen L9


  • Larsen 4.3

    4.3 Series Ortho-Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker

    AUD $3,400.00
  • Larsen 6.2

    6.2 Series Ortho-Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker

    AUD $5,600.00
  • Larsen 8.2

    8.2 Series Ortho-Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker

    AUD $9,400.00
  • Larsen 9

    9 Series Ortho-Acoustic Floor Standing Loudspeaker

    AUD $23,000.00

A Brief History

Stig Carlsson invented the unique acoustic design principle used in Larsen speakers. He patented the design he developed when Mr. Carlsson created speakers for Sonab in the 60’s and 70’s. John Larsen, the designer behind Larsen, worked with Mr. Carlsson for sixteen years and took over the plant, when Mr. Carlsson passed away. Larsen has further improved upon these innovative design principles to build the Larsen speakers that are offered today. Larsen believes in evolution and not revolution when it comes to his products.

Larsen 8 LoudspeakerLarsen 9 loudspeakers

The Principles of Ortho-Acoustics

Reflected sound from boundary surfaces is a part of the recording and listening process. This reflected sound adds natural timbre and fullness to the music. Larsen speakers are designed and constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in “normal” rooms, by incorporating surface reflections in the design process; enriching the listening experience, instead of degrading it

Conventional speakers are designed for and tested in a room without sound reflections. Which is why conventional speakers often sound dull or have huge dips and peeks in their frequency response in “normal” rooms, thus creating a huge discrepancy between stated and real performance.

Larsen speakers are designed to be placed against the wall, virtually disappearing – Visually and audibly! It’s just you and your music.

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