Joseph Tawadros – Permission to Evaporate

Joseph Tawadros - Permission to Evaporate

Joseph Tawadros – Permission to Evaporate

Label: ABC Music ‎– ABC 4810917
Format: CD, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 2014
Genre: Jazz, Folk, World
Style: Bluegrass, Contemporary Jazz

Before I knew much about Joseph Tawadros I heard a piece by him on ABC Classic FM and really loved it. At the time, I was mainly looking for American Jazz at the used record store and one time I was leaving, I asked the record store owner if he had any of Joseph’s CDs. At first he said no, but as I was walking out he called me back and handed me this disc, which I bought for $10.
I remember looking at the release date and it was only one year old and I thought it could not have been any good as someone had sold it. I looked at the cover and a big smile came on my face.
The artists joining Joseph were, Christian McBride (bass), Mike Stern (guitar) and Matt McMahon (piano), and by his long-time musical companion and brother James Tawadros (req and bendir).

One thing I thought of straight away, the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

First track was Bluegrass Nikriz, not what I expected, I had never thought the Oud could be played like that, the tempo was gloriously furious, then the Jazz luminaries chimed in. Somehow Joseph managed to beautifully fuse Bluegrass, Jazz and World music

The second track is very different to the first and starts with a beautiful slow intro by pianist Mat McMahon. The tempo then picks and in comes Joseph – Wow, this music grabbed me and the emotions started flowing, I must add when the piano is added to the Oud some kind of spiritual magic happens, everyone needs to hear this music. The whole album alternates from thrilling to furiously paced numbers to beautifully introspective and tranquil tracks.

Not many albums keep me enthralled from start to finish especially 79 minutes!

This music was composed partly as homage to his parents who in the previous eighteen months had passed away and his then ‘first 30 years on this planet’.

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Track List

1. Bluegrass Nikriz 6:35
2. Permission to Evaporate 5:35
3. Sleight of Hand 5:16
4. Time and Space 2:51
5. Peace for My Father 5:48
6. Constantinople 7:01
7. Nomad’s Fear 2:44
8. Dreaming Hermit 6:17
9. Last Candle 4:53
10. Eye of the Beholder 5:12
11. Wanderer 2:22
12. Leunig at Midnight 4:03
13. Kindred Spirits 6:22
14. Point of Departure 4:28
15. Shared Memories 4:06
16. A Tear on Farewell 5:36

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