Upcoming events

One of our favourite things to do is to run events that enhance our experience of music and the pursuit of enjoyable sound in audio playback. Some events are dedicated to music listening, some are presentations from industry experts and others are equipment comparisons and showcases. Our events are designed to foster a sense of community around a common love of music and the equipment that brings it to life.
We encourage you to join us – everybody is welcome!

The Stenheim Sessions – April 19th 2023

It’s very important for us that the audio components we offer have a sonic quality we love. It’s even better when the company behind the components has an ethos and philosophy aligned with ours. So, imagine our delight when we auditioned the Swiss-made Stenheim range of speakers at the Munich...

Previous events

Read reports from our previous events.

Jazz Night – Friday 27th January 2023

The Christmas rush is over, the new year has embraced you, you’ve had a few weeks to relax and it’s almost time to re-engage with the normal routine. What do you need? You need a jazz music night! Exquisite music, yummy food and drinks, connection, comradery… celebration! Our good friend Harry Kay will...

Koetsu Shoot-Out – 24th June 2022

After much anticipation, we had a full-house attendance on this memorable evening with many people present who had never previously attended a Nirvana Sound event. For over 50 years, Sugano and now his son Fumihiko have been building phono cartridges. Their legacy has been built around the unique sound quality...

Nirvana Sound Christmas Get-Together – 10th December 2021

We’ve missed you! With the lockdowns behind us, it’s time to re-connect before we get into the Christmas and New year celebrations! We’re holding a casual get-together for friends of Nirvana Sound at 7pm on Friday 10th December 2021. Expect great company, music, drinks & some nibbles. Everybody is welcome! Nirvana Sound Christmas Get-Together...