Audio-TechnicaEstablished in 1962, Audio-Technica is well known for their large range of high-quality phono cartridges. Initially making cartridges for many other manufacturers, Audio-Technica eventually started using their own brand and from 1969, they have been responsible for some of the all-time classic cartridges that audiophiles have come to love and collect. Today the company focusses on incorporating their advanced technology into packages that are outstanding value and are considered to be among the best performing brands available.

Their designs incorporate various innovative stylus shapes (elliptical, shibata, microlinear and special line contact) as well as stylus constructions (eg. bonded round shank, nude rectangular shank, nude square shank). The ART9XI is considered one of the best value for money audiophile cartridges available and the ART1000 is just as rare and coveted as any exotic Japanese masterpiece. Solid engineering backed with decades of heritage and great customer support is a winning logical combination. But Audio-Technica are more than a logical choice, they are such effective communicators of music that they are often the first choice of the heart. In a world of increasingly escalating costs of audiophile equipment, Audio-Technica are a welcome beacon of great value audio bliss.

Audio-Technica Cartridge


Audio-Technica Cartridge
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