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A few years ago, the Nirvana Sound team was on a mission to find the best sounding cables. We had 2 excellent brands that we thought represented ultimate performance but we just wanted one more brand to be able to give us greater ‘tuneability’ when we consulted our clients. We visited the annual High-End show in Munich and made a point of asking many of our contacts & various well known ‘industry legends’ for their opinion on which cables were the most transparent and musically enjoyable. We were shocked with how many of these experienced exhibitors said ‘In my opinion, Ansuz make the best cables I’ve ever heard’.

Who is ‘Ansuz’? They were so new on the scene at the time that we felt it to be extraordinary that so many people had so much respect for their sound. Normally that kind of reverence is reserved for brands that have been around a long time. When we finally had an opportunity to hear them, we instantly understood why they had developed such a reputation so quickly and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share this company’s products with the Australian music loving community.

Danish legends Lars Kristensen (Nordost) and Michael Børresen teamed up to form Raidho. Lars & Michael then created a revolutionary new cable technology and launched Ansuz Acoustics to critical acclaim, followed by Aavik Acoustics which showcased an approach to audio electronics that many people believe represents the future of high end audio. After their time with Raidho came to an end, they started Borresen Acoustics with the aim of implementing a new level of technological advancement in speaker design. With a team of over 35 specialist people working out of a 1,200m² factory in Aalborg, Denmark, these companies are growing, rapidly fuelled by the sonic excellence of their products.

Ansuz-Acoustics™ have created a number of ground-breaking technologies in the fields of electrical & mechanical grounding and noise suppression. These technologies include Active Tesla Coils, Active Square Tesla Coils, Dither Circuitry and Anti-Aerial Resonance Coils. They use rare materials such as zirconium, tungsten, titanium & titanium nitride all selected for their resonance mitigation characteristics. Their cables incorporate the most sophisticated earthing technology used by any manufacturer in high end audio today.

When electrical & mechanical noise is removed from a music system, the result is not only obvious, it can be quite shocking. Micro-details and musical nuances become apparent and the resolution & clarity of the sound deliver an experience of realism and palpability.

Fuelled by the experience & genius of Michael Børresen & Lars Kristensen, Ansuz-Acoustics™ entered the high-end audio scene and confidently launched a range of products that re-defined new standards. Astonishing sound quality that is leaving audiophiles & the global audio press completely speechless. Next level has arrived!



Ansuz Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Company Tour Pt. 1, meet the team, making cables!

Ansuz Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Company Tour Pt. 2, tour the factory, making the amplifiers

Ansuz Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Company Tour Pt. 3, the listening facilities, Cables and Darkz!

Ansuz Acoustics D-TC Cables: Mainz and Speakz

Ansuz Noise Suppressing Technologies

One of the key objectives that have been of main concern since the introduction of the first Ansuz Acoustics product has been to bring down the noise floor in any audio system – without harming the musicality, energy and dynamics of the performance. This cannot be done with traditional power conditioner designs.

Ansuz developed different types of coil technologies to ‘noise shape’ and mitigate the noise in an audio system. These technologies are scalable, so the more of the different types of coils that are included in a system the lower the noise floor drops and the more resolution, dynamics and details will be experienced by the listener against an increasingly ‘dark’ background.

Another strong advantage of these technologies is that it is also are able to “flow upstream” or work together in a cumulative compounding way. For example, if you install an Ansuz Mainz8 power/ground distributor and you add an Ansuz PowerBox to drive your active Ansuz cables, you will not only be able to get the best performance out of your cables – you will also improve the overall performance of the whole system because the noise cancellation on the mains side has improved a lot because of the installation of the Mainz8 and the PowerBox working together to suppress noise.

Ansuz products contain several different types of coils, depending on the type of noise that is being suppressed and how efficiently they can be manufactured when taking into account the physics and cost.

Ansuz Cable

Ansuz Passive Tesla Coil Technology (P-TC)

Ansuz Passive Tesla Coil Technology (P-TC)

This is a passive noise suppressing element that focusses on mains power spike noise cancellation and works by having a double inverted coil connected to the power conductors. When the P-TC dual coil encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is developed in the counter wound section of the P-TC coil. As noise spikes are pure voltage and carry virtually no charge, the cancelation is very effective but not 100%. By adding more P-TC coils in parallel the noise suppression performance increases and with that, the perceived ‘black background’ in the music improves significantly.

Ansuz Active Tesla Coil Technology (A-TC)

Ansuz Active Tesla Coil Technology (A-TC)

The A-TC is an active version of the P-TC and is about three to four times more efficient than Passive Tesla Coils. Used in some applications for greater efficiency.

Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coil Technology (AC-TC)

Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coil Technology (AC-TC)

The AC-TC is similar to A-TC. But where the A-TC technology is mounted on the circuit boards the AC-TC coils are mounted directly around the mains conductors to increase the effect even further.

Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coil Technology (AS-TC)

Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coil Technology (AS-TC)

AS-TC is similar to A-TC, however where the A-TC technology is mounted on the circuit boards the AS-TC coils are imbedded in the circuit board itself. They are not as efficient as the top mounted coils, but they are very compact and more cost efficient.

Ansuz Analog Dither Technology (AD)

Ansuz Analog Dither Technology (AD)

The Ansuz AD technology is responsible for the analog dither they use in a wide range of their products. The technology originated in radar systems where the readings were more accurate in objects moving in real time than in stationary land fixed systems. They concluded that the vibration of the planes and ships aided the radar or sonar performance. In audio systems, noise can be removed by dithering, a process that mathematically removes the harmonics or other highly undesirable distortions entirely and that replaces it with a constant, fixed noise level. The dither is added a very low-level random noise, by modulating the noise floor it’s possible to see what’s below it, and thus get a clearer picture of the full content of the recording.

Ansuz Anti Arial Resonance Coil Technology (AARC)

Ansuz Anti Arial Resonance Coil Technology (AARC)

All cables and cable screens in essence act like antennas. By fitting AARC into their cable architecture, Ansuz reduce each cable’s ability to absorb airborne RF/EMI. In the old generation of GSM telephones, we heard the effect of airborne RF being modulated the “dikke-dit dikke-dit” sounds just prior to receiving a phone call. Today the noise is not modulated in the same way, instead it takes on the character of a white haze, reducing the blackness and dynamics in the presentation. The mechanism of the Ansuz AARC technology is to make sure that the cable has no definitive length, that way the cable or internal wire can’t act as an antenna, thus no standing waves can be absorbed in the cable and bleed into your system.

Ansuz Star Grounding Technology

Star Grounding Technology

Most manufactures of High-End cables and accessories have now realised how important it is to have a strong ground network in your system. Effective grounding systems are a key engineering design feature for Ansuz. All your components need one (and only one) star grounding point in which all components can exchange their different ground potential. This is built into all their Mainz8 power/ground distributors. Naturally, Ansuz ensure that this works at its best when wired up with Ansuz power cords. All of the Ansuz power cords have heavy gage ground leads – up to 10 mm³ – the strongest conductor in any of their cables. With Ansuz mains/ground distributors and power cords installed there is no need for separate grounding boxes or networks.

Ansuz Internal Resonance Control

Internal Resonance Control

One of the most deeply felt philosophies at Ansuz is the importance of mechanical grounding. Every component in an audio system vibrates and is sensitive to resonances. Vibrations originate from the smallest transistor on a circuit board right through to the biggest bass drivers in loudspeakers. Isolation with soft materials like rubber is a bad idea. The rubber will at first absorb the vibration, but in an instant release the energy back into the component – now out of phase and with a different timing. The resulting resonances play havoc with your components and distort the sound. Ansuz create resonance control devices that offer the vibration a way out of the component via mechanical grounding. The Ansuz Darkz devices can be placed under nearly any component. The optimal result can be achieved by replacing standard feet with Ansuz Darkz Feet and then connecting the Darkz Feet to Ansuz Darkz with Titanium or Ceramic balls.
All Ansuz Mainz8’s, PowerBoxes and PowerSwitches are fitted standard with Ansuz Darkz Feet for easy upgradability. Their two best Mainz8 power/ground distributors – the D-TC & the D-TC Supreme even have Darkz built into the chassis to separate the acoustically tuned High Pressure Fiber Boards from the cabinet.

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