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Accustic ArtsImagine if a creator of high-end audio equipment also operated an audiophile recording label where they professionally recorded and produced artist’s records. Imagine if the valuable experience and insights gained from the recording process were incorporated into their range of high-end audio equipment. What better reference for accurately reproducing music can there possibly be other than actually being involved in the recording & producing process? This unique situation goes a long way to explaining why Accustic Arts digital and amplification products achieve such a celebrated reputation for quality and refinement.

Since 1997, ACCUSTIC ARTS® have been creating some of the most desirable audio systems in the world. ‘Absolute Sound Fidelity Through Reproduction’ is both the name and the goal at the same time. ACCUSTIC ARTS® stands for ACCUrate acouSTIC ARTS, which means “the correct art of sound”.

To meet this goal, all ACCUSTIC ARTS® products are manufactured in Germany using the highest grade components, the latest technologies and absolute precision in manufacturing techniques. ACCUSTIC ARTS® products are designed to sound natural and detailed with no artificial artifacts in order to allow the emotion of the music to shine through. This is another example of reference level sound quality achieved through a long process of research, refinement and evolution. Products with heritage made by people who live and breathe music.

Accustic Arts


Hand made in Germany since 1997

ACCUSTIC ARTS® was founded in 1997, following five years of development and co-operation with external developers and audio experts. Countless tests and listening sessions, material and component checks have shaped the products.

The company philosophy is that high end audio equipment should have the objective to sound natural and detailed, with no ‘sugar-coating’, allowing emotion to shine through. A natural warmth is a desirable result, but no sonic characteristics to be engineered artificially.

Achieving these lofty ambitions requires attention to detail on number of key elements. The design of the circuitry, the selection of components, fabrication and manufacturing, testing and off course listening to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

ACCUSTIC ARTS® products are hand made and can take many weeks to manufacture until they are ready to be dispatched to the customer. There is a no-holds-barred approach to build quality and a pride that comes with this level of effort. This translates to pride of ownership for owners of ACCUSTIC ARTS® equipment because each piece not only exhibits exceptional sound quality, but is also built to a level of finish that exemplifies how high end audio should look and feel.

ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIO GmbH’s factory is in Lauffen am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, close to Stuttgart, the home town of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

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Accustic Arts Audiophile Recordings (AAAR)

In 2009 the ACCUSTIC ARTS® team decided to move into music production and launched a new audiophile label called ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS (AAAR). AAAR is made up of Milan Sajé (sound engineer) and Rasmus Muttscheller (A&R). They have been active in the international music business for years and together are responsible for the selection of tracks and artists that are to be released by AAAR.

The synergies coming from both music production/media publishing and ACCUSTIC ARTS® high end audio equipment manufacturing can be seen in all products and allow for the implementation of music reproduction at the highest level.

Please visit the Accustic Arts website and have a look at PRODUCTS / AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS to explore their selection of UNCOMPRESSED WORLD Audiophile recordings and please note that these are available to be ordered from Nirvana Sound.

A high-end audio manufacturer who also records and produces music? Rare but logical!
ACCUSTIC ARTS®… Products with heritage made by people who live and breathe music.

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