About Us

It’s all about the music

Music has the power to inspire us, take us on a journey to another time and place in our memories and to connect us with the passion, heart and soul of the song writer or artist. It tells stories, connects us to others and helps us to express and release our emotions. Music reflects our culture, our experiences, our time & place and is ultimately an expression of the human condition. It nurtures us, helps us get through our day and is immensely enjoyable.

The word Music is derived from Greek μουσική (mousike)… “art of the Muses”

What do we do?

We are music lovers who enjoy sharing our passion for great music and equipment which brings it to life in a way that allows us to fully appreciate it. Nirvana Sound is a distribution and consulting business based in Melbourne, Australia and is dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. Some of our products can be auditioned through a carefully selected network of national dealers and others via our own demonstration rooms. We enjoy developing personal relationships with our clients and assisting them as their musical and sonic journey evolves.

We search the world to find exceptional audio reproduction equipment that has the ability to give our clients an experience of ultimate musical enjoyment. We bring these exceptional brands to you and help you to attain that feeling that you are searching for, the experience of musical ‘nirvana’.

Cessaro Speaker

Why do we do it?

This hobby of exploring, listening to and appreciating music can be even more enjoyable if you are able to find high quality recordings and play them on equipment which can bring them to life and present them accurately and realistically. In our experience, the greatest emotional connection to music is made possible by equipment that has been crafted by truly special people. People that have devoted their lives to the single-minded pursuit of excellence. People that think differently, ignore convention, are uncompromising and take on the difficult challenges. Visionary people who have the talent, patience and focus to create extraordinary equipment that facilitates unforgettable listening experiences.

Feel the music

We are inspired by these people! We started Nirvana Sound primarily to support these innovators and to play our small part in keeping this hobby alive for the audiophile community and future generations. This is our main motivation and the reason that Nirvana Sound exists. We also love bringing people together to share and enjoy music and it brings us great joy to hold the Nirvana music nights and various functions during the year.

What makes us different?

We believe that there are a few key elements that differentiate us from other audio distributors. We only sell brands that we personally love and use. Ultimate sound quality, realism, emotional ‘goose-bumps’, reliability and value are our key criteria. We are not ‘box movers’ and do not work with brands that impose sales KPI’s on us. Instead, we work with enthusiasm and integrity by only representing brands that we are passionate about. Despite the fact that our brands are representative of the upper end of the market, we believe that high-end does not necessarily need to be high-cost. We see high-end audio representing a bespoke approach to all the details that result in high performance. Every client has different needs and we work tirelessly to understand these needs and achieve a high level of satisfaction for our clients. We define our success by our clients achieving their own personal ‘Nirvana Sound’.

Studio perfect

Our Founders

Nirvana Sound is comprised of many passionate, experienced and talented people. Each person that works within our team or within our network is first and foremost a ‘music-nutter’ with an infectious enthusiasm for music and a desire to help others achieve a ‘great sound’. Beyond that, our people are carefully selected for their experience with equipment, room set-up and all the factors that combine to achieve enjoyment of this hobby. We welcome you to contact Nirvana Sound and meet our wonderful team but here’s a little blurb on our founders:

George Moraitis


One of George’s first childhood memories was the joy of listening to his father play guitar. With a professional guitarist father and a folk-singer mother, there was almost a feeling of inevitability that George would have a strong connection to music in his life. George’s passion for music resulted in a growing collection of records & CD’s (he virtually lived in the local record store) and a single-minded drive to find an audio system that could present the music in its best light. Often travelling for work, he visited famous audio personalities, designers, industry legends and audiophiles during his travels, getting to know them personally and having some stimulating educational experiences. Like most ‘tragic audiophiles’, he has lived with and listened to a lot of audio equipment in his time and believes that if the right care is taken in setting up a system and room, the emphasis can go back to what is really important – the joy of listening to music.

George is passionate about the experiences that Nirvana Sound facilitates for its clients. “One of the benefits of this hobby is that you meet very interesting people and the friendships formed over listening to music are very precious to me. I am driven to give our clients the same joy that I feel when I’m at a concert or immersed in my favourite record at home.”

Jim Angelopoulos


As a teenager, Jim remembers the usual Saturday routine of catching the train to the city record store, hanging out with friends exploring new music, then coming home in the afternoon with virtually all his pocket money spent on a bag of records. “I guess it was obvious from then that I had a fascination with music that most people around me thought was crazy”. Jim remembers key moments of his life based on which concert he went to at the time, which band was popular or which song he had ‘on repeat’.

Jim has noted that there’s an emerging trend in the audio community now that he can really relate to. In a world where we are immersed in convenience gadgets, people are beginning to say ‘I like that I can have music whenever I want it but I want to connect with it more like I do at a live event’. Quality over quantity. Emotion over convenience. Jim is excited by what Nirvana Sound does for these people. “I love watching the reactions people have when hearing a great audio system for the first time. It’s like they just heard the actual song for the first time”.