About Us

It’s all about the music

Music has the power to inspire us, take us on a journey to another time and place in our memories and to connect us with the passion, heart and soul of the song writer or artist. It tells stories, connects us to others and helps us to express and release our emotions. Music reflects our culture, our experiences, our time & place and is ultimately an expression of the human condition. It nurtures us, helps us get through our day and is immensely enjoyable.

The word Music is derived from Greek μουσική (mousike)… “art of the Muses”

What do we do?

We are music lovers who enjoy sharing our passion for great music and equipment which brings it to life in a way that allows us to fully appreciate it. Nirvana Sound is a distribution and consulting business based in Melbourne, Australia and is dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. Some of our products can be auditioned through a carefully selected network of national dealers and others via our own demonstration rooms. We enjoy developing personal relationships with our clients and assisting them as their musical and sonic journey evolves.

We search the world to find exceptional audio reproduction equipment that has the ability to give our clients an experience of ultimate musical enjoyment. We bring these exceptional brands to you and help you to attain that feeling that you are searching for, the experience of musical ‘nirvana’.

Our Team

George Moraitis



One of George’s first childhood memories was the joy of listening to his father play guitar. With a professional guitarist father and a folk-singer mother, there was almost a feeling of inevitability that George would have a strong connection to music in his life. When he was a young boy, a relative gave George a box of old tapes which revealed itself to be the Beatles collection. He played those tapes until they wore out on his little portable ‘twin-tape-deck-boom-box’ and a love affair with music was well under way. Like most ‘tragic audiophiles’, he has lived with and listened to a lot of audio equipment in his time and believes that if the right care is taken in setting up a system and room, the emphasis can go back to what is really important – the joy of listening to music.

George is passionate about the experiences that Nirvana Sound facilitates for its clients. “One of the benefits of this hobby is that you meet very interesting people and the friendships formed over listening to music are very precious to me. I am driven to give our clients the same joy that I feel when I’m at a concert or immersed in my favourite record at home.”

Jim Angelopoulos



As a teenager, Jim remembers the usual Saturday routine of catching the train to the city record store, hanging out with friends exploring new music, then coming home in the afternoon with virtually all his pocket money spent on a bag of records. “I guess it was obvious from then that I had a fascination with music that most people around me thought was crazy”. Jim remembers key moments of his life based on which concert he went to at the time, which band was popular or which song he had ‘on repeat’.

Jim has noted that there’s an emerging trend in the audio community now that he can really relate to. In a world where we are immersed in convenience gadgets, people are beginning to say ‘I like that I can have music whenever I want it but I want to connect with it more like I do at a live event’. Quality over quantity. Emotion over convenience. Jim is excited by what Nirvana Sound does for these people. “I love watching the reactions people have when hearing a great audio system for the first time. It’s like they just heard the actual song for the first time”.